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Post  cy7891 on Thu Sep 23, 2010 12:20 pm

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Recently, the U.S. in some areas flooded less annoying bugs extreme, some of the Chinese's battles with bugs

, Defeated they had to discard furniture or bags, and some even had to move out of apartments.

Los Angeles County Kewen Na "South Point" (South Point) occurred in an apartment this summer, "people pest war

"15 residents were bug bites, of which two ethnic Chinese residents were bugs one out.

Reported that, with 130 tenants, "South Point" apartments that broke out early in June this year, "human worm war"

Gucci flat shoes news) The landlady had found bugs in all the 15 residents to replace the carpet, a comprehensive and high spraying

Temperature sterilization, but there are still people complaining about the night after the bug, or are "retaliation was black and blue." As unbearable

Bug harassment, this apartment two Chinese residents, a bug has been dismissed, another has decided to move out of this

A "bug nest."

Yiruilanuo carrying a yellow transparent bottle, pointing to the inside of a mother gave birth just a few bugs and

Little bug, this is evidence that she would sue the landlord, her family's clothes all the infected eggs are rotten secret

Sealed up and sent to laundry room fumigation with 120 degree heat for an hour, mattresses and carpets were all thrown away, for

On new housing estates around the bug spray medicine. But then, one night was their buttocks or die

Bug a harsh retaliation a bit.

Reported that New York was invaded by bugs! The city's five administrative buildings, there have been bugs to all traces

Such as Times Square AMC theaters, the Empire State Building, Time Warner Center, brand underwear shops, the famous clothing
tiffany jewelryShop, Brooklyn, Kings County district attorney's office and hospitals.


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