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China and the United States Empty China and the United States

Post  cy7891 on Mon Sep 20, 2010 12:15 pm

gucci shoes news)Kissinger wrote President Nixon and the early 70s, I visited China, opening the U.S. foreign affairs

China's opening up policy. At that time, the country office also "cultural revolution" among the destruction. This later

For decades, China has experienced double-digit growth.

Today, China has a large middle class, has the world's fastest train and the huge foreign exchange reserve

Equipment. In addition, the country is the largest holder of U.S. Treasury bonds.

Gucci flat shoes news)
Kissinger wrote then, all greatly enhanced the Chinese people's self-consciousness. Sometimes people

Will accuse the Chinese pride, and I do not agree. I also believe that China's policy on Iran to see

The risk of proliferation of nuclear weapons.

He also stressed that future generations of people, a very big challenge is how to let the Chinese and U.S.

States reach a consensus view of the world. The United States has its own values and beliefs, and China. I

We must learn side by side together to continue to develop. This is so far not been resolved, giant

Great geopolitical challenges. However, I believe, these two countries has a very constructive cooperation between

tiffany jewelryA bright future. Because we have common interests, and we still never really used the whole

The angle the ball to be treated.


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