The more calls the more charge?

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The more calls the more charge? Empty The more calls the more charge?

Post  cy7891 on Sat Sep 18, 2010 12:20 pm

gucci shoes news)You may have encountered such a situation, and the wife on the phone is the hot pot, the phone suddenly no electricity

; Or is that just half an urgent matter, he would face power outage strikes the cell phone. If there is a spare battery around also

Well, to not really embarrassing. So what is the advanced way to make mobile phones have been call it?

Korean scientists developed a new technology that can transform the sound into electricity, mobile phones using this technology

After surgery, people talking at the same time to charge their cell phones to talk to the longer, your cell phone battery storage of electricity

Volume will be more. If so, young people love talking on the phone becomes the next renewable energy resources.

Gucci flat shoes news)Princeton University scientists have created Maikeermai Carpen an energy collection device, He

Said the new study is very interesting. "However, the question is whether there is enough noise can act as a

Mobile source of energy.

South Korean scientists, the main component of the calamine solution can use sound waves into electrical energy generated little material

. The technology can telephone conversations, to charge their cell phones can also use the traffic noise generated peak

Current, for the national grid. Voice channels can have a variety of applications, such as using a telephone conversation to the mobile phone charge

tiffany jewelryElectricity, or sound walls near highways passing vehicles can use the noise generated electricity. "


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