Case of Black-landlord "street"

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Case of Black-landlord "street" Empty Case of Black-landlord "street"

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louis vuitton bags news) 19-year-old Wang is the second-year student of London University of Arts, majoring in graphic design. Admitted to school

Quarters of the first day, Wang regretted. Previously seen in the online luxury decoration, beautiful and comfortable desk

Large beds are not only old book tables and chairs, a small single bed. A few months later, Wang in China

People near the school site to see a large single room rent, the conditions better than many of their own living quarters, including

All costs only £ 500 per month.

Wang will be linked with each other, the man claiming to be the same with Wang, are from Shanghai, but also with regards to the small Shanghai dialect

Wang, Zhang brother told him to Wang. Brother Jen Chang, with the promise that the said Wang after the tenant moved out two weeks, Wang

To move over when can. Wang took the money from small hands, Zhang brother also wrote it was like two

The receipt, signed two 11 well received.

Wang thought elsewhere, the original speech accommodation. Three weeks later, Wang called Brother Zhang

Identify themselves to move past things, but Zhang said that the original Colombian girls are not moved to live, can not vacate the room

. Wang asked unsubscribe gold, much of Colombia has suddenly changed their tone, said, in black and white signed, money is not returned


Many Chinese students studying in the UK in particular, Black-faced landlord rent already common. Many illicit sub-

Sub rely on leasing Kengmengguaipian. The City to work in East London, Leo said that he had passed the UK

Of the housing site to find an apartment, the landlord claims to be a furniture designer. Leo then to the busy

LV Monogram Multicolore news)Meeting each other to provide the bank account of £ 100 deposit and send text messages to tell each other the money remitted to go, but still have not

Respond. Leo again, so he calls the other phone, they are nothing to be transferred to voice mail.


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