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Drunk on the plane Empty Drunk on the plane

Post  cy7891 on Fri Sep 17, 2010 12:13 pm

gucci shoes news)I think no one is willing to ride with a drunk flight, and if the alcohol is a passenger plane pilot who

It is estimated that more than just angry passengers so simple! Recently, the U.S. Delta Airlines passenger plane

Prior to takeoff, the pilot was taken away from the cab because he had just swig of something!

The drinking during working hours on the unforgivable, this 52-year-old pilot actually intend to drunk-like

State of fly drive flights from Amsterdam, New York. After the aircraft had been taken down, the pilot also

Immediately arrested.

Gucci flat shoes news) After the event, Delta Airlines will cancel the flight, which gives the official explanation: "The

A flight crew did not meet health requirements for missions. "After the new Ze

Woodbury Western states alcohol tests conducted found that pilots per 100 milliliters of blood alcohol content

23 mg. Now, this pilot has been suspended, but he will have to pay a fine of 700 euros. As

He was suspended how long, depends on the time of the incident when the investigation ended.

tiffany jewelryThe passengers on this flight also had to take each other's flights. Delta Airlines is the world's most

Major airlines, the number of passengers transported every year to reach 160 million people.


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