Development by women in India

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Development by women in India Empty Development by women in India

Post  cy7891 on Thu Sep 16, 2010 12:13 pm

gucci shoes news)"The Times of India" published on September 15, entitled "Women and the workplace" article. The article said, although Western Europe

And the United States struggle of hope out of the shadow of global recession, but China and India have come in the

Their front. For India, the knowledge of women will be the explosive growth in the Indian economy to achieve a major


The article said that in China and India, everywhere, all kinds of professional knowledge in the ranks of female figure, they

State-owned companies and multinational corporations to bring far-reaching impact.

Gucci flat shoes news)Although China has a large number of women and Indian women in common, but not interchangeable between the two roles

. China and India were 76% and 86% of women in the pursuit of knowledge in senior positions - twice over the previous year are higher than the U.S.

More. In India, 85% of women self-knowledge that "ambitious" 65% of Chinese female intellectuals this

Why that, in part because the two women on the "ambition" different understanding of the concept.

The article said, China and India both want to find high-quality women balance career and family, employers

Should help them realize their potential with this. Therefore, employers should fully understand the female employees

Career aspirations and needs, because different strategies were implemented. But in the world, how to attract and maintain

tiffany jewelryAnd retain the best of the best female staff to employers is still a need to be improved the effectiveness of the curriculum. Both the present

And in the future, the knowledge to help these talented women to achieve economic growth are essential for the development of



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