Eating raw fish and shrimp to the cancer

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Eating raw fish and shrimp to the cancer Empty Eating raw fish and shrimp to the cancer

Post  cy7891 on Tue Sep 14, 2010 11:52 am

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Fish and shrimp health is difficult for a lot of people give up food, but it can provoke these delicious "all-powerful"

. 55-year-old Chow, recently because of severe jaundice and upper abdominal pain was admitted to the hospital. Upon

Examination, doctors diagnosed that he is already late cholangiocarcinoma. It is understood that health is Chow's favorite fish. "

Have eaten a dozen years, did not think really will eat their way to mischief. "Learned that he had been ill, Chow regret

Endless regret.

Chow's bile duct is actually caused by the liver fluke. Doctors surgery in time to the Chow

Designate found that a large number of liver fluke discharged from his bile duct. Liver fluke liver damage is not only due to insects

Body of long-term stimulation, causing chronic inflammation, so that bile duct dysplasia occurs, this proliferation of lighter to heavier,

From the bile duct may lead eventually.

To prevent liver fluke and cholangiocarcinoma, in addition to eating raw freshwater shrimp health, we should also pay attention to block the

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Health. "Some things students and families all the chopping block for cutting cooked food is not separated, resulting in cross contamination, in Canada

Workers of some freshwater fish when possible adhesion of liver fluke on the chopping block. If the chopping block without a thorough disinfection

Went to processing other cooked food, then it may be infected with liver fluke disease. "


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