3 lean meat melons

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3 lean meat melons Empty 3 lean meat melons

Post  cy7891 on Tue Sep 14, 2010 11:51 am

gucci shoes news) Mouth bitter, smell, dry mouth, the Heat for the liver and stomach - eat "three melon"

Amount of daily consumption of fruits and vegetables such as bitter gourd, cucumber, gourd and other heat purging fire laxative food.

Loofah can be cut into small pieces, add seasoning soup. Long face acne, could eat it "lean meat fried three melon." With

Body of practice: first 50 grams of pork stir fry half cooked, turn the bitter gourd, sponge gourd, cucumber wok fry each 100 grams


Dry mouth and throat, to eat no taste for the stomach yin deficiency type - eating sour foods

During a manic episode can drink the broth, chicken broth, etc., or select with a sour fruit, fruit juice, to stimulate gastric

Secretion, to help digestion. Atrophic gastritis may wish to drink milk, may protect the gastric mucosa. Long-term conditioning by

Proposed porridge often add some littoralis, Polygonatum, yam and other fluid and spleen drug.

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Poor appetite, fatigue, cold, white coating for the stomach Deficiency Type - Eat casserole stew

Frail or stomach takes time to healing of persons, meals have to do soft rot, easy to digest and rich in nutrition, prevention

Anemia and malnutrition. Avoid eating raw and cold, and with more fiber foods such as celery, leek.


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