84-year-old Kenyan man, legendary life in primary school

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84-year-old Kenyan man, legendary life in primary school Empty 84-year-old Kenyan man, legendary life in primary school

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gucci shoes news) Ma Luge is a farmer in Kenya, life is not illiterate, live in poverty. Childhood family was poor, his father

Money for his education, he stocked at home to help animals. Of the last century 50's, Ma Luge participate against British

Colonial uprising - "Mao Mao" campaign by the British colonial authorities jailed eight years, who still have time


Before 2004, Ma Luge has 15 children, 30 grandchildren, as well as the grandchildren. On

In that year, he decided to attend primary school.

January 2004, Ma Luge wearing a blue sport coat, shorts, stockings, walked into Kenyan Duolei especially the

Kapp is willing Du Yi Waugh primary, and a group of around 6 years of primary school students learn together. This year he has 84 years of age this, Ma Luge created the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's oldest primary school students.

gucci outlet news)Since then, Ma Luge many countries and regions in the world have become the image of free primary education spokesman.

In 2007, Kenya, a large-scale outbreak of violence after the elections. Ma Luge moved into a refugee camp.

However, even in refugee camps, Ma Luge still insist on dragging a lame day, 4 km walk to school


"It's very difficult, and no one to help me walk, and my school is a back and forth, but thirst for learning led me to

Go every day. "- Ma Luge


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