Somalia "primary" pirates

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Somalia "primary" pirates Empty Somalia "primary" pirates

Post  cy7891 on Sat Sep 04, 2010 12:28 pm

Extending from the Gulf of Aden to the Indian Ocean, a vast sea, armed Somali pirates in speedboats and ships away wealth

Ask for ransom with one of the wicked image.

gucci shoes news)Robbery against ships, while the real life of these pirates, remains largely unknown. Agence France-Presse reporters Jin Rishen and Ru Caifang

Reveals a number of Somali young people to "Luocaoweikou" experience.

Ahmed Sabu Lai, 27 years old, with many living in the Somali coastal town of hobyo peers

Like the sea, the fishing was his only source of livelihood.

"Probably since 2003, where the fishing industry began to decline, almost impossible to eat sea," he said.

Loss of income sources, Osable have joined the ranks of the pirates. He clearly remember, one in 2008

Day, he threw away fishing nets, the first sea and ships, "I'm not afraid, because if I quit as to starve.


In 2009, Osable and companion to the sea and ships are lost in the Indian Ocean.

"We lost, and then the heavy rain ... ... we do not know where," he said, "

gucci outlet news)We found a number of yachts. Who should be tourists on board. This is where we ask them, they say that we

Seychelles. We are at a loss, did not even think of taking them. "

"Later, we saw two patrol boats and a helicopter ... ... all over," Osable

Said. Then half a year to piracy in the name of the suspect, he was a temporary detention Seychelles through the end

In a "pirate-for-hostages" action back home.


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