Gold found in Lake Baikal Czar

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Gold found in Lake Baikal Czar Empty Gold found in Lake Baikal Czar

Post  cy7891 on Fri Sep 03, 2010 1:06 pm

A Russian mini-submarine in the Baikal Lake suspected gold objects, may be worth tens of billions of

The Tsar treasures.

cheap coach bags news)November 1919, defeated former Tsarist Russia, led by Admiral Alexander Kolchak residual

Armed with the tsar allocated 1,600 tons of gold to flee to Siberia. These gold-packing in 28 armed charge

Transport train carriages. However, due to cold, when transporting the troops marched to the Golden Lake Baikal

When, completely annihilated in the snow, these gold treasures has disappeared from this mysterious.

Lake Baikal is the world's deepest, oldest, largest fresh water lake water. Over the past 90 years to

, 1600 tons of missing Lake Baikal a "czar gold" treasure fever and caused all kinds of conspiracy theories.

Started in July last year, Russian Academy of Sciences and a private company jointly invest 4.5 million pounds to start

Lake Baikal deep water exploration activities, in fact, its purpose is to treasure.

Recently, the "Peace 2" mini-submarine has about 400 meters away from the surface of the lake found a gold

Is a flash object, looks like gold. Explorers have tried to use the submarine's metal arm to remove

, But too soft sand bottom fail. Explorer program again sneaked into the region treasure. If this

coach outlet news)Czar is really lost treasure, it is now valued at 700 billion.

Analysts said that if 1600 tons, "Czar of gold" really brought to light, then no doubt

In the Russian Government, the Tsar descendants, and even a number of countries including the United Kingdom between the trigger a

Indiana fierce battle.


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