Miracle man survived falling from 39th floor

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Miracle man survived falling from 39th floor Empty Miracle man survived falling from 39th floor

Post  cy7891 on Thu Sep 02, 2010 2:34 pm

New York City, a man jumped from the 39 floor, attempted suicide, had damaged the ground a sports car, but he wonders Health

Also, only broken legs and lungs injured, were rushed to hospital in serious condition.

gucci shoes news), 20-year-old Miguel (Tom Miguel) 10 o'clock in the morning, apparently from the large 40-storey

Jump off a building window. Police said he fell from the 39th floor, but fire department officials said he fell only a 5 to 7 layers


Miguel jumped off the side of the road when damaged red 2008 Dodger Charger sports car, across the street at the time

Construction site owners McCormick (Guy McCormack) believe that because Miguel was able to escape the power of God, a large

Difficult. McCormick after the accident to recover from a string of crystal beads inside.

gucci outlet news)Miguel crashed through the rear windshield, like falling into the rear seat position as wraps, there were only heard him shouting:

"My legs! My legs!" Police said, his legs broken, was taken to a nearby hospital. The survey

Where officers are still determining what floor he jumped, and he attempted suicide.


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