British company to use the system records the ashes of the dead

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British company to use the system records the ashes of the dead Empty British company to use the system records the ashes of the dead

Post  cy7891 on Thu Sep 02, 2010 2:32 pm

Britain has one called "And Vinyly" of the company, to offer the public an alternative way of mourning. They

The deceased's ashes can be made into records, in the moment a record, but also to the deceased's will, singing or alive hi

Huan's burning Entry dish together.

cheap coach bags news), "And Vinyly" owner Jason. Leach (Jason Leach) said that before his

Saw on TV after the death of a man made of smoke the ashes of his family, until the fireworks at night Na Qu,

Let family members together after the memorial when watching fireworks. Leach felt that a great idea, but he felt it would provide

Can not let his family mourn a long time, so he introduced the ashes of this record.

Jiasenliqi said, ashes to produce these records, was first sown in the ashes of particles used to make the album B

Ene board, record grooves in the characterization process, the ashes directly into the ethylene pressure. This record can be recorded death

Who will, during his lifetime favorite song or music, nothing can be recorded, leaving only the particles resulting from the ashes


coach outlet news)But would like to help the dead to do a special record, its price tag, one should price £ 2,000. Family members can

Made of what material to select records, or select the length of sound quality, etc.. In addition, the company also provides production

Ashes works of art services, they will call a special artist with paint mixed with the ashes of the deceased the deceased draw

A portrait, and wrote his name and date of birth and death, so his family can put this picture at home in mourning.


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