Serbian testicle cooking competition organized

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Serbian testicle cooking competition organized Empty Serbian testicle cooking competition organized

Post  cy7891 on Wed Sep 01, 2010 3:29 pm

Testicular serve it! Do not worry, this is not the first wife's revenge, but last Saturday, held in Serbia 7th

"World testicle cooking championship," participating chefs using cattle, pigs, camels and kangaroos and other animals, large testes were

coach outlet news)Skill, brought out a Road style dishes, including pizza testis, testicular stew, vanilla white sauce testis.

This spectacular culinary event, using local people as "white kidneys" of the animal testes into the dish, testis

Pill is considered rich in testosterone and help masculinity. Le champion who last year said that the ingredients are from

State-owned slaughterhouses. While stirring the pan while he said: "The cow testicles with stewed most praised." At the meeting the volume

Play folk, while food stalls selling roast pork and roast lamb and other "side dishes." Leisure travelers enjoy colorful cuisine

, Accompanied by a lot of wine, beer Rufu, and then to look cool next to the stream flood damage.

cheap coach bags news)In addition, the cooking section also presented "with a kind of annual figures." Title this year, won by two Americans, one

Barack Obama (Barack Obama), Ailuoweike praised him as "the world's most courageous man in gold

The most difficult financial and political moment to take over the world, showing he is very endemic. "Another person is in Niuyuehade

Johnson performed a forced landing on the river miracle hero Captain Sulunboge (Chesley B. Sullenberger III).


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