Daily Dose - Is Adobe Ready to Sue the Ever-Living Crap Out of Apple?

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Daily Dose - Is Adobe Ready to Sue the Ever-Living Crap Out of Apple? Empty Daily Dose - Is Adobe Ready to Sue the Ever-Living Crap Out of Apple?

Post  cy138790 on Thu Apr 15, 2010 3:04 pm

"Within a few week," says one coach bags, Adobe will drop the lawsuit-bomb on Apple for locking out their Flash-to-iPhone compiler in the revised iPhone/iPad SDK development terms. The report comes to us via IT World, and they said that the change in terms was the "last straw" for Adobe. There's no word yet about the grounds on which Adobe plans to sue Apple, but Adobe did issue a complaint to the SEC shortly before the change in Apple's terms. In that filing, Adobe complained that Apple was harming its business.

Vulnerability in Oracle's JVM Makes Noise
It appears that songlyrics.com has been compromised by hackers and is serving up attack code that attempts to exploit a critical security hole in Oracle's JVM. Researchers have about the vulnerability for awhile and criticized Oracle's response. Oracle believes that users can wait for a patch scheduled for July. Security researcher Alex Sotirov tweets a different solution: "I uninstalled Java more than a year ago and haven't had a single problem with any website," he wrote. "Why are people still running Java in the browser?" Hackers also recently broke into Apache's JIRA server through a cross-site scripting attack.

Silverlight 4 Now Available
Even though the "launch" of Silverlight 4 was on Monday, the actual release did not occur until today. Silverlight 4 should be available for coach bags outlet. Because of Silvelight 4's elevated permissions feature, it now has printing, clipboard, and charting functionality. Silverlight is becoming Microsoft's solution for creating low-cost business applications by not requiring the .NET environment. Silverlight 4 also continues to eclipse WPF's functionality.

A Flash Video-to-iPhone Transcoder; I Wonder How This Will End
Today it seems that Apple has another backdoor technology to contend with. The US company, cheap coach bags
, has a technology called the TransAct Transcoder V6 that takes Flash requests and converts them into a format accepted by the iPad and iPhone using a cloud farm. The transcoder can also convert Silverlight into QuickTime, MP4, or MPEG-TS. RipCode's CEO Brendon Mills weighed in on the recent change in Apple's iPhone terms of development: "The ‘Flash on iPad’ dilemma is really just the latest in a long line of speed bumps on the road towards ‘any-content, any-time, any-place, any-devic’ that we all desire." We'll see if Mills' optimism is toppled by another possible change in iPhone service terms.


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