Entire bare goes to work!

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Entire bare goes to work! Empty Entire bare goes to work!

Post  cy7891 on Mon Aug 30, 2010 2:02 pm

according to coach outlet news:2008 year,Newcastle City, an advertising design company when the financial crisis sweeping the globe, so that

The advertising company was in trouble, greatly reduced volume of business, so companies have to start layoffs. This allows

We have a kind of insecurity and fear of feeling. Distrust between employees began. See

We lose morale, depression, manager Paul realized that go on like this, is not only a performance

, But the company matter of survival.

February 2010, at a regular weekly coming to an end when the manager suddenly gravely Paul the Great

House declared: "Companies are facing unprecedented difficulties, in order to improve team cohesion, we later

To try a new way of working, in every Friday to go to work naked! Specifically how to do, I am employed by the business

Smith is responsible for business counselors. "Nude work! All aghast.

Companies that move, although attracted some criticism, but the company made a free publicity. Since the members

Workers who try to go to work naked, the company's business volume began flourishing, the company not only did not make any more layoffs, but also employed

Commission two new designers!

Naked for a company to work even through the economic crisis, that there are some incredible. We can do

Understanding and work together in good faith to face, we can overcome the difficulties! As for the clothes they wear it, after all, people are

Have privacy.
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