US freezes this Laden son-in-law property

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US freezes this  Laden son-in-law property Empty US freezes this Laden son-in-law property

Post  cy7891 on Wed Aug 25, 2010 12:23 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :24 U.S. Treasury announced the "base" organization of women leaders of Osama bin Laden

Husband, "base" of their financial sector leader Abu Muhammad Abdullah Hassan - Haier implementation of the system

Cutting, freezing his assets in the United States.

coach outlet)Ministry of Finance is responsible for counter-terrorism Affairs Minister Stuart Levie said in a statement the same day, Abu - Haier

"The base" of their financial sector, "an important leader," he immediately freeze all assets in the United States, ban

Only Americans to carry out any financial exchanges with him. Day, the United Nations on Abu - Haier implement similar sanctions.

Levy said that "base" before the financial officers of the organization Abu Mustafa - Yazid died in May of this year

, The United States and its allies have been on possible candidates to succeed him. U.S. sanctions Abu-through - Haier efforts

Ensure a "base" will not improve the financial situation of the organization.

According to information released by the U.S. Treasury, Abu - Haier 90 to participate in the 20th century "base" group

ed hardy clothing)Organization of military training, and has served the interests of a terrorist attack against the United States transfer of tens of thousands of dollars in capital


In addition to bin Laden's son, the Abu - Haier has also served as a bodyguard of bin Laden based.

Abu - Haier is a Saudi, was born in 1975. He was Saudi Arabia in 2009 through

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