Harvard professor academic creating a false impression

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Harvard professor academic creating a false impression Empty Harvard professor academic creating a false impression

Post  cy7891 on Mon Aug 23, 2010 12:35 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :American psychology star who, professor of psychology at Harvard University has been student Hauser

Informant in the study of primate behavior suspected fraud, Harvard issued a statement after investigation confirmed Houser to

coach outlet)For the eight research misconduct "full responsibility", will be suspended for 1 year.

Denounced the crime eight students suspended 1 year: 50-year-old Hauser is the field of animal and human cognitive authority, 2006

Has written best-selling book "Moral Thinking: Nature how to design our universal right and wrong." His main research work

Study tamarin face stimulation, to determine that they have only the uniquely human ability to think.

Conclusions need to subjective judgments about whether marmosets react to external harassment, his students suspected him of forgery

Data, denounced the school authorities, triggering the school over the past three years, since 2002 its research to investigate.

Smith, Dean of Arts at Harvard confirmed that the school was found guilty of eight Hauser "research misconduct"

In the "data acquisition, analysis, preservation, research methods and the final result" is problematic, one of the study

ed hardy clothing)Research report need to withdraw, the other two need to revised.

The school has ordered Houser suspended 1 year, but did not announce he will be additional penalties, a source said he may

Are forced to leave, or face additional oversight.

Houser issued a statement admitting fault, but denied having "inappropriate actions," the students, colleagues and the school "deep

Sorry. "

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