Weird disease: As soon as will fall asleep will die

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Weird disease: As soon as will fall asleep will die Empty Weird disease: As soon as will fall asleep will die

Post  cy7891 on Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:59 am

according to cheap coach bags reported that :British born boy Liam Derby summer Seoul, he was told only live six weeks,

Because he got a rare disease called "central sleep apnea syndrome," commonly known as "Odin's Curse

coach outlet)"Will stop breathing when asleep.

Although Liam suffered much illness, but he overthrew the doctor's many dire predictions. Doctors of the original

The predicted he survive for 6 weeks, and now Liam, on the one special school, although his throat has been plugged

A tracheostomy breathing tube, he learned to speak freely and happily. In addition, he had to the child

Cancer, intestinal problems are also now gradually recovering.

Liam's doctor Gary Kang Nutter have amazed: "In addition to Liam, I never saw any

What the report found there are so many children with the disease survive. I dare say, he is unique worldwide. "

Got this strange disease, Liam can live to 11 years, in addition to a strong will, optimism, or rely on family

Human care and concern. Since the digestive system is very weak, Liam eating frequently every day to eat a lot of tons, each

Times can only eat a little bit, because this particular eating habits, family meals each moon would his 700 England


To extend the life of Liam, to his parents installed a breathing machine, photoelectric charges already spent thousands of pounds

To prevent a sudden power failure at night, the family installed a backup power supply. Liam needs around the clock care, for his

Parents can sleep at night, have a special care home for the evening staring at him. He also has a battery of respiratory

Device, in order to prevent him suddenly in a car or plane and fell asleep.

ed hardy clothing)50-year-old mother, Kim laments: "Every day doctors are amazed at his vitality, he overcame all difficulties.

Liam did not think of myself as the patient, he loves to dance, the gold seems to son, like other children, the total

Love to laugh, full of anger, very loving, "his life is earned every day."

( Editor:ed hardy sale)


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