Global most valuable money in where?

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Global most valuable money in where? Empty Global most valuable money in where?

Post  cy7891 on Wed Aug 18, 2010 12:19 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :You believe that? In Bahrain, the brand ice cream store to eat as long as a dollar. Stay 4 stars

The hotel as long as more than 30 yuan a night.

coach outlet)Not because the price is too cheap in this country, but because the money is too valuable in this country. Usually we play normally open

A smile: "You lend me pounds, and I also you yen okay?" Many of us probably think that sterling is the most valuable

Money, in fact, the world's most valuable money in the Middle East, the first valuable money in Kuwait, the second worth of money in Bahrain

Bahrain 1 Dinar equal to 20 Hong Kong dollars (more than 18 yuan, according to the reader the information provided, Kuwait's higher

1 yuan = 23.6 yuan) in the airport and hotel, paid 200 dollars for 2 nights of hotel costs, eliminating 173 U.S. 2 nights

The stay fee, also found a 10 Bahrain money (27 dollars), has enough to eat in Bahrain two days had.

That is 32 yuan a night's hotel, in fact doing we do not how cheap, is equal to 640 Hong Kong dollars.

ed hardy clothing)Supper in the Bahraini capital Manama saw the price tag card, really a kind of super-cool feeling, because in other countries

The hard to find a few cents of the food was. And here, filled with tables filled with the price marked so and so only a few cents.

Burger, fries, cola, the meal just more than one of money, a vat of mineral water, and has a charge of 5 hair.

Here, be regarded as knowledge of what is called the "small country, big money."

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