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Post  cy7891 on Thu Aug 12, 2010 12:37 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :Many are busy singing the theme song and rapid popularity, Conan, Conan theme song is called "

Dragon's songs, "but in fact too many Conan singing the theme song of the artist after the accident are not smooth,

coach outlet)This is also known as "Conan the curse."

Has sung "Detective Conan" theme song "Love of adventure, excitement, suspense," "I can not stop your

Love "and" Start "and a smash hit, gathering a large number of young women's popular, imposing a time almost equal to the love of Ayumi Hamasaki

Inside dish, leave in a statement issued during the year, suddenly, to her fans and the relevant staff are all very shocked by the recent

Announced the sad news again - suffering from thyroid disease.

Singing "Turn the wheel of fate" and the lead singer of ZARD Osaka Seisensui in 2006 was diagnosed with cervical cancer after the doctors

Hospital for treatment, July 26, 2007 when she was walking alone in the hospital because of wet weather, accidentally fell from the slopes

Fall, after the pounding by the brain, in the 27 declared dead, aged 40 years.

2001 Concert "blue earth" Uehara AZUMI July this year on suspicion of prostitution were also dismissed by the company.

Although still active in the Japanese music scene Mai Kuraki, and Utada Hikaru played the original but with half the world's time

Climate compared to Mai Kuraki now gradually become a downhill.

ed hardy clothing)Record companies have interpreted as: singing the theme song of Conan, most major music companies pink line of young girls

Was very active during his debut, but with age will be cold. Opening of the new company will continue to

People, their popularity will naturally decrease. To put it bluntly points that had gas, "potato" natural to throw away. So

Conan singing the theme song of the artist but also disappear more. Smash hit of the artists who was abandoned as a potato, not so much

Conan is the curse, the curse is more appropriate brutal music.

( Editor:ed hardy sale)


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