India joins “the star war”

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India joins “the star war” Empty India joins “the star war”

Post  cy7891 on Thu Aug 05, 2010 12:22 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :U.S. Navy last month for testing laser beam with anti-aircraft shot down four unmanned aircraft

Shows that laser weapons could be the focus of future military development, the Indian government also is developing a series of laser weapons,

coach outlet)Including 7 km laser system to shoot down ballistic missiles, and can be successfully developed in 5 years.

7 km inside the interceptor missile

India's Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) of the "Laser Science and Technology Center" (LASTEC) spokesman

Monday to Indian media that they "have a mandate to develop a series of directed energy weapons, the army (DEWs)". This

Laser weapons can be issued some subatomic particles and electromagnetic waves, the speed of light to destroy targets, accuracy is high, reduce the Week

Edge damage. One of the 25 kW large-scale anti-missile laser system, capable of 5-7 km to intercept ballistic missiles outside. That

System can incoming missiles, "heating" to 200 to 300 degrees, detonated warheads to destroy the missile.

More powerful laser system at least 100 kilowatts, while the boost phase can destroy the missile. The United States is now being converted

Boeing 747 aircraft installed systems for testing; India's test launch until several years later, may

Take 10 years to research and development success.
DRDO has developed a small laser rod, used to subdue rioting crowd. The laser rod range 50 meters, can show

ed hardy clothing)Disorder were temporarily blind, but not detrimental to health. Laser rod will be deployed in October to Jammu Kashmir and the security department

Team. The larger will be installed on the vehicle of similar weapons, the range of 250 meters, will be available end of next year. Moreover,

DRDO has laser detection of mines.

India's Defense Ministry earlier issued a "technology foresight and capability road map" also pointed out that, DEWs and anti-satellite

(ASAT) weapons would be the development focus of the next 15 years.

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