Japan develops the soul to take possession the robot

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Japan develops the soul to take possession the robot Empty Japan develops the soul to take possession the robot

Post  cy7891 on Thu Aug 05, 2010 12:18 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :Japanese scientists recently developed a replicable human faces and voices of the Telepresence Robot,

coach outlet)It resembles the shape of ghosts, known as the most gruesome of the robot.

Hiroshi Ishiguro, the Japanese robot designer has always been known for manufacturing simulation of humanoid robot, but his designs are often

People feel very strange, and he recently launched by the Telepresence Robot Telenoid R1 is called by the media

The most creepy Robots.

Telenoid R1 is actually a communication robot, it can remotely mimic human facial expressions, movements and sound

Tone. Users only need to sit in front of a computer record from the camera to capture his facial expressions and movements change, the other side

Telenoid R1 can to the precision of the simulation, combined with the audio transmission in the past, so far away,

Relatives and friends feel like the speaker himself in and face to face conversation.

Hiroshi Ishiguro design Telenoid R1's intention should be to allow people to remove barriers of distance, feel distant relatives

Warm, but its shape makes it warm it up. Telenoid R1 does not have pale skin simulation

A hair, no legs, two arms and only a short part of the whole film seems very much like the quiet

ed hardy clothing)Ling, when it and the people "talk", the smiles, resembles the familiar friends, like a specter to be possessed, to the

Were full of horror weird feeling.

Hiroshi Ishiguro said, Telenoid R1 give people the feeling of friends in person, people will use the process of slowly

Weird look to it. The robot will be sold in the year since the end of the price of 5,000 pounds .

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