Pulls a snail to take a walk

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Pulls a snail to take a walk Empty Pulls a snail to take a walk

Post  cy7891 on Wed Aug 04, 2010 10:15 am

according to cheap coach bags reported that :God gave me a mission, told me to pull a snail walk.

coach outlet)I can not go too fast, snails have worked hard to climb, always move a little bit each time.

I urge it, I Hu it, I blame it, the snail looked at me with regret, as if to say: [other people have done

Full! ]

I pull it, I pull, I even want to kick it, snail injured, it was sweating, panting, crawling forward ... ...


Why does God want me to pull a snail go for a walk?

"God, ah! Why?" A quiet sky.

"Oh! May God grasp a snail!" Well! Let go of it!

Anyway, God no matter, I also take care of what?

Any snail crawling forward, I sulk in the back.

Huh? I smell the flowers, the original had a garden here.

I feel the breeze blowing, the wind at night so the original tender.

Wait! I heard as birds, insects I have heard,

ed hardy clothing)I see full of stars more beautiful. Huh?

How do not have experience before? I suddenly think of it,

Could it be I am wrong! That God is called snail take my walk.

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