Noticeable 6 morbid psychology

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Noticeable 6 morbid psychology Empty Noticeable 6 morbid psychology

Post  cy7891 on Tue Aug 03, 2010 10:26 am

according to cheap coach bags reported that :People living in the world, they are bound to participate in social interaction, social scope and each person

Occupation, hobbies, lifestyle and geographic location has a lot. But in real life, why some people in the community

coach outlet)AC is not on the friends of total pay, or made friends, not long after friends and left him, and related peacetime and colleagues

System is not harmonious. The reason for this is the mentality of people in the poor in social, hindered the normal development of interpersonal relationships, and this state of mind, in fact social in morbid psychology, the more common are the following:

1, inferiority complex. Some people prone to feelings of inferiority, and even despise their own lack of self-confidence, work without courage, timid, echoing, not their own minds. This psychological if not overcome, will wear the unique individuality of people.

Second, psychological cowardice. Mainly seen in Sheshi not deep, shallow experience, introverted, poor language of the people, as timid in social in their view that the right thing even if, after careful consideration, but dare not express. This psychological others can observe them, the results produced on their own views, do not want to become good friends.

Third, suspicion psychological. Some people in social or ask your friend to work in, often with the mistrust eyes love to see each other, unwarranted suspicion, hearsay comments, as some people ask your friend to work, but a friend to find out other people said some things What.

4, (ed hardy clothing)reverse psychology. Some people like to bicker with others, to show him stand on any one thing, regardless of the merits of, say yes, I believe that bad; you say, I say it is wrong to make people disgusted with themselves.

5, love of money psychology. Some people think the purpose is to make friends "mutual advantage", to see they are useful, give your friend the benefit of only contacts, and often is "burning bridges." This covet Cheoy Lee, dipping others a bad psychological, will be undermined their own personality.

6, mental apathy. Some people just had nothing to do various things, look at the cold, indifferent, or mistakenly believe that harsh words, attitudes, aloof, strut, is the "personality", causing other people not close to themselves and lose some friends .

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