Forgetting is warmer than the memory

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Forgetting is warmer than the memory Empty Forgetting is warmer than the memory

Post  cy7891 on Mon Aug 02, 2010 11:52 am

according to cheap coach bags reported that :40 years ago with a major earthquake to the mental, this is a cruel thing! If you love your country, then please do not cry for her people. Everyone says that the Chinese nation is a nation too forgetful, but I think the most memorable is not a disaster.

coach outlet)We often debate this way: you should go try to go back to your good memories from that, the answer of course should not be, because when you experience the beautiful childhood time, it can give you is often awkward. In fact, every Chinese is a nostalgic person, brilliant history of our civilization, but I do not know sadness.

Therefore, selective memory is not so ignorant ridiculous, but rather, it is the country's ideological foundation for 5,000 years. Only ever see hope, we will really know how to live like, right?

But the real natural disaster is that so? Many journalists, my colleagues, they all rushed to the disaster area after the earthquake, they thought the earthquake was his understanding that way, so many readers to tears with them, they restored the earthquake through various means like the disaster itself, but feeling close to death more than the warmth of our more than cold. Death is not this the temperature.

ed hardy clothing)If the relief is more worthy of coverage than the disaster itself, then you can imagine, we are very ignorant; If you want more for retention than sad state memory, then this country is just a hell.

I know that in the white world, many people look forward to a long absence, moved, when the tears welling to lose control, and this is likely to be similar in the sense of repentance before God. How long have not you already know yourself, you are an innocent person do, why do you cry?

Forgotten and happy to be alive right. Do not you cry, you just find out that they also can be good.

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