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Enduring world: MC press corps Empty Enduring world: MC press corps

Post  cy7891 on Fri Jul 30, 2010 11:47 am

according to cheap coach bags reported that :Investigation is the role of the ninja is to collect intelligence information in the ninja world war has to Vital role. Our press corps, the main concern of people who newly joined the Forum. Listen to their table Speech, and performance analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the players, certainly, and to report to you. To platform this big team Inside that we can understand the player's strengths and characteristics, so that we look for partners, it will be more targeted.

Professional journalists, seize the first-line information

coach outlet)Happiness is a 9158 press regiment. In his words, is the day to refresh the page and see if there are new

People to join. While later, he found new work are more similar to Naruto in the investigation unit, ask each other questions

, As the audience to participate in each other's performances. Of course there are many follow-up is ongoing. For the purpose of these

Only one, that is, view the new determination and quality, and fully understand him. Good to those reported to the Huo Ying Tai

People, so Huoying sent for the teachers to be taught.

Visitors will get information to share

ed hardy clothing) The ability to enjoy the 9158MC on many wonderful performances, many viewers have become a platform for the record spontaneous

Persons. On the new monitor. At the same time is also observed in non-stop program to listen to new growth, and give feedback

So that instructors can more detailed understanding of new situations. From the point of giving the audience the comments, also allows record

When those who promote a more objective, so that other viewers can more easily find their wish to listen to the new. Indirectly promote

Into the new growth.

Finally, we also thank those reported in the MC hard line journalists who, as it is because of your efforts and Khan

Water only provides us with so many wonderful events reported, but also to our MC wonderful because of you.

( Editor:ed hardy sale)


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