The US also catches a beautiful woman Russia spy

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The US also catches a beautiful woman Russia spy Empty The US also catches a beautiful woman Russia spy

Post  cy7891 on Thu Jul 29, 2010 12:03 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :Firmin Nova was born in Latvia. July 15 arrest, Firmin Nova in the United States

coach outlet)State parents house by the police surveillance. Firmin Nova indicted on charges of illegally exported military goods from the United States. U.S.

State media reported that police seized from the Firmin Nova office to target high-end equipment Raptor4X, are banned from export

Military items. Firmin Nova said that she 1.5 million to buy equipment for those aiming to beat husbands

Used for hunting.

According to materials obtained from the U.S. Department of Justice, 24-year-old Anna Fehlmann Nova back in in March and prompted U.S. police

Note. Firman at Kennedy Airport in New York, Nova was found carrying three dominant with the optical sight of rifles,

Followed by firearms confiscated by the police. After that, Firmin Nova flew to Moscow.

ed hardy clothing)Russian media reported that the U.S. may bring Firmin Nova as another "Russian spy", but in fact she and her Russian

Ross bit detached: She's nationality is American, born Latvia. However, Firmin Nova and her husband

Living in Russia, Firmin Nova husband job is unclear.

Nevertheless, American journalists have pointed out, and before being arrested in the United States, like Chapman, also owned by Firmin Nova

Have attractive appearance, there are certain links with Russia. U.S. media before she was arrested with the Russian "beauty room

Spy, "Chapman par.

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