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Post  cy7891 on Tue Jul 27, 2010 3:25 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :Everyone must face death, but everyone why they do not know these. Dying of loneliness also reached the climax of all the lonely, because nobody can talk to you this experience, you can not say any hide. And on the physical side, dying the physical problems often arise. In a variety of body and spirit cauterizing, death makes it creates a fear and anxiety. Thus, there was the "death of quality (Quality of death)" the said.

coach outlet)Death is actually refer to the quality of dying were the level of care, including physical care, psychological care and Road sector or that the spirit of caring.

After all, the ultimate goal of social organization is its people. Live with dignity, die with dignity should be. When will the death of the community paying attention to quality, began the effort to improve terminal care, the society is more respect for the life of the. At that time, we can say to this world were born, after all the loose ends of the so-called happiness is finally successful.

ed hardy clothing)This encompasses the world's 40 major industrial countries and developing economies list, the United Kingdom ranked first, hospice can provide the most satisfactory. Australia ranked second, followed by New Zealand and Ireland.

Death in China is still a taboo subject, resulting in many people could not accept the right of the hospice. In addition to this cultural heritage issues, the one-child policy may also allow each of the nearly 10 million Chinese people died whatsoever even more bleak.

There was a saying, do not respect the dead, do not know how the fear of life. Nothing but a fear society is nothing to do come, that there is no taboo Ye Hao, no rule whether, in short is no bottom line.

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