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Post  cy7891 on Sat Jul 24, 2010 12:04 pm

according to coach outlet reported that :Witness, in our understanding of where, usually with some objective evidence of people, on

Is to their own witness and hear what people who speak out honestly. However, psychological research shows that

The testimony of many witnesses are not accurate, or is a personal preference, with personal views and views


cheap coach bags) Witnesses on their testimony of faith and can not decide the accuracy of their testimony, this study makes sense

To surprise. Mrs fee psychologist Howard Springs can be special and decided that more research conclusions. In order to investigate

Witnesses have any special things, they will witness's memory and the memory of general knowledge was compared

They made were shown a short video, is about the kidnapping of a girl. The next day, to be

Try to answer some of the content of the video in question, and asked them to tell their own level of confidence to answer, and then

To do a recognition memory test. Next, using the same method, the content of popular literature from the encyclopedia and the selected

General knowledge.

ed hardy clothing) The same place as before, Perkin fees can be special, and Howard Springs also found that the accuracy of the memories of witnesses who

Confidence in their answers than those who do not actually have no confidence in the people more clearly, but for general knowledge

, The situation is not the case, people with high confidence in memories of people who score better than the lack of confidence.
People in the general knowledge about their strengths and weakness with self-knowledge. Therefore, tend to modify their

Test results for the confidence scale. General knowledge is a database, is shared between the individual, it has public

Recognize the correct answer, subjects can have to measure. For example, people will know whether the problem than in sports

Someone better or more nearly. However, the event witnessed the impact from such self-knowledge. For example, the overall

Speaking, they are unlikely to know others in the memory of the incident than the participants in hair color side better or more


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