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Gemini is pregnant Empty Gemini is pregnant

Post  cy7891 on Sat Jul 17, 2010 11:53 am

according to coach outlet reported that :
 Utah (Utah), a pregnant woman was found in the check-own double uterus, and

Are serious matters for both the uterus also has a baby, pregnant for about a difference of one week. Doctors said the two-pregnant uterus are

The probability of pregnancy is very rare, only 1/5000000.

Itself is a nurse Angie (cheap coach bags), know that they also harbor two children, the excitement to

Husband announced good news, but they could not believe her husband. In fact, more than Angie's husband did not believe, even the doctors

Praise This is the "exception of the special case" because this 1/5000000 probability, even in their own clinics

Case body.

ed hardy clothing) understood that Angie that her baby is 5 weeks a large, one was 6 weeks old, and now she is like other

Mother, active preparations for the forthcoming birth of the child clothing and supplies; The doctors have told her child may

Have premature or underweight, she admitted she was worried and nervous, but will try to let the children grow up safe

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