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Swiss " Happy farm " Empty Swiss " Happy farm "

Post  cy7891 on Fri Jul 16, 2010 11:41 am

according to coach outlet reported that :Cow pasture in the mountains, rent, holidays spent in labor, this vacation in the Swiss city dwellers increasingly popular.

Vaud Pulls lai Xie Rhett The Michelle Iraq assists this is a rancher. He combined a number of ranchers, 5 years ago launched the "My cow" rent Dairy Service. Yi Zuozi 20 cows ranch for rent, but AFP reporters Qian Qucai and Fang Shi showed that the current choice of only six remaining cows this summer "schedule"(cheap coach bags) have expired.

Customer Login "My Cow" website, ranchers can be seen in the background to the cow pasture Videos of shooting. After the cows to choose their own favorite, according to the first quarter of 280 euros (about 350 U.S. dollars) the price you can rent a cow. The lease term, tenant may at any time to visit the ranch.

Katherine abundant lai participate in the "my cows(ed hardy clothing)," one service ranchers. She said that people who come to experience the ranch life, most had had previous experience of weekend mountain tour, but that "surface-skimming" of travel to them that the mountain picturesque, cozy ranch life, until the first hand experience to know where the back hard.

Bole said the children discovered that the real milk and milk cartons was not the same. "From the cow to milk more out of body lubrication, with point temperature, there are sweet spots."

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