41 year-old pregnant woman

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41 year-old pregnant woman Empty 41 year-old pregnant woman

Post  cy7891 on Mon Jul 12, 2010 1:05 pm

according to ed hardy clothingreported that :41, Angela Beide Crawford has a 5-year-old daughter gave birth to Elmo root. 2008

August, Angela also found themselves pregnant again pregnant. When he learned that Angela will give birth to second child, the ed hardy bags family

Do not mention how happy people. But good thing is only 8 weeks later, Angela was found suffering from breast

Cancer, must be received chemotherapy. But Angela still insists on retaining the belly of the child. In this way, Angela while pregnant

, While accepted as long as 5 months of chemotherapy. Amazingly, after 5 months after chemotherapy, Angela unborn

Even intact fetus. Finally, in May last year, Angela gave birth to a miracle Caesarean completely healthy women

Children Melissa!

( Editor : ed hardy sale )


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