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Post  cy7891 on Sun Jul 11, 2010 1:15 pm

according to coach outlet reported that:

Fashion magazine "Monocle" announced by the world's most livable cities list, the result in Munich, Germany crowned

The world's most livable cities in the list, ranked No. 2 in Copenhagen, Tokyo, Japan into Asian cities, only 10

Large, ranked No. 4.

Balance the coach bagsenvironmental science and technology to win

This ranking is not a traditional economic and political considerations, but to enjoy the green area per capita, the number of restaurants

Projects, entertainment and leisure facilities, transport, fire or ambulance and other emergency services, efficiency, quality of life assessment of the city.

Magazine review that ranks the top in Munich, in science, technology, environmental protection and able to strike a balance between art

, The population grew steadily. Ranked No. 2 in the Copenhagen climate summit held last year to become an international environmental capital. Dan

Michael "Berlingske Tidende" reported that more than 10 of Copenhagen Michelin restaurant, the public love cycling trip, both to protect the ring

Environment, but also exercise, which improves the overall rankings of Copenhagen. The fixing of Zurich has a perfect 3

Educational facilities, lively environment for young people in the business.

Only two countries in Asia into the 25 largest cities, ranked No. 4 in Tokyo, Japan, the local city clean, attention Ring

Paul, 2013 will increase by 200 hectares of green areas, received. In addition, Fukuoka, Japan (No. 14) and Kyoto

(coach handbags ) on the list.

However, there have been comments that the magazine's unique assessment methods, including the length of sunshine, construction quality, traffic, movie

The number of homes and park benches, so that similar annual Ranking of the city, the lack of new ideas.

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