Is unable to shake the google status

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Is unable to shake the google status Empty Is unable to shake the google status

Post  cy7891 on Sat Jul 10, 2010 5:17 pm

according to coach outlet reported that:

Google company chief executive officer Eric · Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) said that regardless of the apple or Facebook are even Is unable to threaten the google status.   on 8th Schmidt and google founder lary · Petch (coach bags) as well as Xie Ergai · Breene (Sergey Brin) (Sun Valley) attends the conference together in too Yanggu. Schmidt when makes one hour brief report expressed : “most people suppose this are field zero and the game (have winner to have loser's competition), must make life and death . It is not actually this.”Breene also pointed out that when Internet user registers Facebook, they more in On the google carries on the search. Three Gao Guandu rejects before related “the google is developing item of named `Google Me 'the new service and Facebook compete” the media reports offers criticism.   It is reported that because the google and the apple in such as markets and so on intelligent handset and motion advertisement form confront the aspect, these two Once ally, relates now becomes quite anxious. Last year, Schmidt resigned from the apple board of directors, the reason was precisely two The corporate business occurs overlaps. Apple Qiaobusi declared recently, apple and google now at daggers drawn tension Is completely because the google company develops the Android intelligence handset system and apple iPhone carries on the competition. Regarding this Shi Mi The special expression google and the apple still have the important cooperation in many domains, he stressed that the intelligent handset market is big enough, may Entire accommodation google Android and apple iPhone. coach handbags

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