Russian spy to cold - 10 agents admit their guilt

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Russian spy to cold - 10 agents admit their guilt Empty Russian spy to cold - 10 agents admit their guilt

Post  CY870722 on Fri Jul 09, 2010 12:29 pm

chanel bags stood at New York's court yesterday 10 spies confession. In the United States, Russia, as a plainclothes sentenced immediate deportation, establish a the biggest, at least secret information personnel off since the end of the cold war in agreement on government officials in Washington and Moscow rush, chanel handbags men and women were five American cities and suburbs last week fbi are to be exchanged for four people in Russia and western intelligence agencies for allegedly.
chanel watches federal court in Manhattan, Russia's agent was forced to take them to their identities, our true name. 56 Pelaez for Spanish newspaper reporter, in the United States, have been reluctant to go to Russia, the court, said through a translator, she has to work under the guidance of the Russian government and her husband, with the defendant Juan Lazaro revealed his true name, who is Vasemkov mikhail.
chanel outlet Moscow, a little behind the despair of agent, a lawyer to Russia as the defendant, the Peruvian - one born Pelaez Vicky, said Russian officials have provided include free housing, limitless living allowance freely 2,000, visa, and for his children, for any country after Russia, and she hopes her cooperation, in exchange for... Another spy, Donald Heathfield identity, they assumed that a deceased Canada children, he is Bezrukov Andre nekrasov revealed, while his wife Tracy Foley, real estate agent from Boston, gave her real name Vavilova Chanel Bracelets.


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