British "Coke female" weight-loss success

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British "Coke female" weight-loss success Empty British "Coke female" weight-loss success

Post  cy7891 on Wed Jul 07, 2010 1:20 pm

according to ed hardy clothingreported that :Britain a young woman suffering from a year ago, "Coke addiction," she drank about 20 cans a day, Coke, a staggering weight

Of 120 kg. Recently, in quit, "Coke addiction," she successful weight-loss.

ed hardy bags Reported that 25-year-old Lisuomaikai a year ago also indulged in drinking 20 cans of soft drinks a day habit, when she

Weight 120 kg, in vacation, she even has to pay two tickets to travel; and get out more

Well, she had to stop for respite. At this point, she realized that her body must be determined to

Return to a normal state.

The mother of two doing the stomach after surgery to the Coke official "declaration of war", his family encouraged

, Any carbonated drinks have been turned away her. Although abstinence is difficult MacKay abnormal processes, Fortunately, she eventually

Stick with it, a year after her weight is almost reduced by half.

( Editor : ed hardy sale )


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