Oldest Iranian woman dies at 145

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Oldest Iranian woman dies at 145 Empty Oldest Iranian woman dies at 145

Post  CY870722 on Tue Jul 06, 2010 11:57 am

gucci outlet to the oldest Iranian woman has passed away at the age of 145 in a village near Toyserkan in western province of Hamedan. They say it may be possible to produce drugs that stimulate the enzyme. Born in Ja'farieh village in 1865, Tajma Aghasi had never married, Fars news agency reported on Sunday.
gucci handbags If she were alive, she would well remember a considerable part of Iran's contemporary history. According to the World Health Organization, life expectancy in Iran is around 72, but many Iranians residing in rural areas, like Tajma, live a healthy and happy life for more than hundred years.
gucci shoes A recent study by researchers in the US Albert Einstein College of Medicine revealed a link between living to 100 and inheriting a hyperactive version of an enzyme that prevents cells from ageing. They found most of the centenarians under study and their children had higher levels of telomerase which protects the Gucci Hats.


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