Cleopatra A New Interpretation of German experts call it the cause of death died of poisoning cocktail

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Cleopatra A New Interpretation of German experts call it the cause of death died of poisoning cocktail

Post  cy7891 on Thu Jul 01, 2010 11:47 am

ed hardy clothing online: Cleopatra 's death has been considered to be a poisonous snake, but a German historian , said the cause of death due to drinking a glass of cocktail containing poisons .

Cleopatra VII, after Ke Liao Peto pull ( BC 69 - the first 30 ), is the Ptolemaic dynasty of ancient Egypt 's last queen , her beauty and talent superior , intelligent wit , good wrist , dramatic life . And on her death has long been considered to be a poisonous snake . Recently, Germany Trier University , historian Christopher ? Schaefer was in a television program to the people that Cleopatra had a snake is not a result of death.

Traditional view is that Cleopatra was the cause of death was suicide , she was a pre-arranged into its tomb at Fort farmers a basket full of figs , which possession of one called " Apps " the snake , it bites its own Arm , resulting in toxic coma and died ; or
ed hardy bags'd have to feed the snake in a vase , stabbed it with a Jinzan body , cited its anger , until it wrapped her arms ; another view , Queen snakes are not killed , but with a hollow awl , piercing his head caused . However, there are many people against these two views , because there is no dead bodies were found stabbed and bite marks to his grave in Fort did not find any poisonous snake .

Schaefer said he read the ancient medical records , consult the snake experts, zoologists and pathologists have said , snake bites will leave a less obvious scar , and time of death will not be too often Rapidly , usually die a few days later , but Cleopatra was bitten in a few short hours after the dead , seemed strange to . All the evidence shows that Cleopatra was killed in a carefully planned political murder, when she was in the cocktail poisoning . ( Liang Mu- orange )

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