Moscow subway train off the assembly line can be a new generation of "silent" drive

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Moscow subway train off the assembly line can be a new generation of "silent" drive

Post  cy7891 on Wed Jun 30, 2010 3:17 pm

According to Russian coach outlet reports on the 29th , a new generation of Russian Moscow subway train has officially off the assembly line , and had test run.

coach bagsReported that the new train cars equipped with the latest braking system , train control and pre- trip distance between the system and the best temperature regulation system.

The biggest feature is that it enables "silent " drive . In this compartment , passengers can travel free during the chat , not raising the voice , but also to listen to each other without special focus on the words .

The coach handbagsnew trains also automatically count the number of passengers , passengers in different circumstances, the system will automatically determine the required number of air supply and adjust for temperature.

Moscow Metro is the world's one of the largest subway , built in 1935, a total length of more than 200 kilometers , its layout and the layout of the ground line , was radiation and ring lines . It has been recognized as the world's most beautiful subway station buildings in different styles, gorgeous and elegant .

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