Qualify the initiative of Serbia holds the edge there are future death Slovakia

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Qualify the initiative of Serbia holds the edge there are future death Slovakia

Post  cy7891 on Tue Jun 22, 2010 1:04 pm

ed hardy clothing reported that as we often experience in life , like the World Cup once again presents a truth : I hope that the greater the disappointment . The more low-key , it will be harvested . The results show that there is no antic team group stage and then returned to the plan , they are 1 to 0 victory over Germany, for themselves , but also for the Former Yugoslavia, the team retained the 16 opportunities.

Surmount , but also the entire detachment of the new look to Serbia . They open and Germany played a game, leaving Port Elizabeth in time to hand off with a weight of 3 points.

ed hardy bags now hold the initiative in the hands Wednesday against Australia in Nelspruit , they would knock the number of places and do our best. I believe they can do , and I expect them to attack with a hearty battle to achieve their objectives.

Slovenia has infinitely close to 16 . They made 2 to 0 lead, but at the last moment by the Americans draw strong willpower . Americans without the referee disallowed a strike , they even may have been eliminated . Riding on the experience of England , 1 pm also some slim hope , but a defeat would be beyond redemption .

In Bloemfontein the genial sunshine , Slovakia, very bad mood . 0 in F group had lost more than 2 " in South America , Italy , "said Paraguay had the verge of out . On Slovakia, can come to South Africa is not easy , they have a future.

Again, who knows what will happen tomorrow , anything is possibleed hardy sale .


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