Based on the network investment fraud canadians are victims of around 120 countries

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Based on the network investment fraud canadians are victims of around 120 countries

Post  cy7891 on Mon May 31, 2010 2:37 pm

coach outlet Hollywood stars and celebrity's power of professional financial financial consultant in New York, so-called investment setting after his arrest, according to Hong Kong ", "the report, again demonstrates the U.S. government" ponzi fraud ", accused 53 people through the website, Simiernuo Canada with 17,000 points higher returns than 70 million victims of 40,000 fraud and protect the lawful rights and interests of investors, around the world, including China 120 countries, the United States, Britain, Iceland, etc.
"Return period" only 7 days lowest
According to the coach bagsreport, Simiernuo build a website, in the Netherlands, "rich" Pathway (Prosperity - 2 -), high returns, low risk investment plan to attract investors, says the annual rate of 17 million euros and research, and provide seven days, 15 days, 30 days, 60 days program is available.
Simiernuo cheat than a pseudonym. He in the Caribbean Islands - by a registered Turkey and Caicos company, in thecoach handbags Philippines and Canada, this scam. Some of the early investment plans are a very favorable, but most people lose everything. In 2007, the estimated from 2009, the success of his four billion dollars, there are more than 70 billion dollars fraud.
In addition, Simiernuo crimes, but also many armed robbery and drug-related crimes, even claimed he participated in the cheap coach bagsdouble murder.


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