Surrogacy for gay son, gave birth to their first grandchild

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Surrogacy for gay son, gave birth to their first grandchild

Post  cy7891 on Mon Nov 15, 2010 9:42 am

coach outletRecently, a 50-year-old woman in Mexico, 31-year-old gay son to do "surrogate mother", gave birth to a baby boy, complete desire to become a father the son. The unnamed woman's son named George, is a single businessman, has been eager to have their own children. In order to achieve the aspirations of his son, who offered a surrogate mother.

coach outletSurrogacy surgery in Mexico City. According to reports, doctors use a female friend George to provide eggs and sperm of George, in vitro fertilization, and then the fertilized egg implanted in his mother's body.

louis vuitton outletNovember 1, the woman gave birth to a baby boy Caesarean, named Dario. In an interview with local media interview, the woman said: "'Grandma' or 'mother' of these two very strange for me to call. He was my first grandchild, but I think he is my fourth a son. "

louis vuitton outlet reported that, in order to let the children will know that his personal life, they had a complete record of the process. The women also said that he was willing to once again pregnant.


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