Beautiful woman or a child hit by bicycle sued for manslaughter

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Beautiful woman or a child hit by bicycle sued for manslaughter

Post  cy7891 on Thu Nov 04, 2010 9:39 am

louis vuitton outletA U.S. judge has ruled that 6-year-old girl can make Juliet Bray Terman negligence causing death charges. April 2009, Juliet and the other two partners, Jacob Cohen, accompanied by his mother, near the East River in Manhattan sidewalk cycling race, during the 87-year-old knocked to the ground, Ms. Mina . Mina received the femur fracture surgery, but died three months later.

louis vuitton outletTime of the incident, Julie and Jacob less than 5 years old. Ms. Mina two children after the administrator filed suit accusing them of "operation and control of their bicycle neglect", the complaint also includes a mother of two. Juliet's lawyer asked the judge to drop the case on the grounds that Juliet was only 4 years and 9 months, too young and naive, and under the supervision of her mother, so can not ask her to take responsibility.

true religion outletBut the New York Supreme Court Justice Paul Ng Teng did not agree with this defense. He said the award, the law assumes children under 4 years old do not understand the "negligence" concept, "but is 4 years old children understand this concept, there is no clearly defined."

true religion outletNg Teng said the judge, Juliet's lawyer did not request evidence of ignorance or the child is not mature enough, did not offer children this age do not understand the "old man riding a bike crashed into a dangerous" evidence. This decision means that the administrator of the estate of Ms. Mina able to Juliet and Jacob proceedings.


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