87-year-old elderly woman most American drug traffickers jailed for 18 months

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87-year-old elderly woman most American drug traffickers jailed for 18 months

Post  cy7891 on Wed Nov 03, 2010 9:10 am

louis vuitton outletDrug traffickers because of America's most elderly women living at home in Florida, convicted of cocaine trafficking and sentenced to imprisonment for 18 months spent in prison will be her 88th birthday.

louis vuitton outlet87-year-old woman pensioner Aguilar (Ola Mae Agee), a drug in the police "undercover operations" were arrested, an "undercover" officers told her to buy a value of 15 pounds of cocaine. Aguilar was sentenced to prison for 18 months, said she will spend the rest of his life in prison some time before she was released almost 90 years of age.

true religion outletPolice CCTV clip played in court revealed that the undercover officer on April 30 this year, to Aguilar's home in Pensacola back door shoot the door, and then be led into the living room, Aguilar search the back of her couch, and come up with that small amount of cocaine.

true religion outletThis is not the first time Aguilar was arrested for drug trafficking, she was in December 1996 for possession of a controlled substances offense not defense; later on another drug charge, she was not a defense once again was sentenced to probation for two years suspended for 78 years upon expiry. On February 99 because she was arrested on two counts of possession of cocaine, a charge subsequently been withdrawn.


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