"Dead Sea Scrolls," the greatest archaeological finds of the 20th century

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"Dead Sea Scrolls," the greatest archaeological finds of the 20th century

Post  cy7891 on Tue Oct 26, 2010 12:09 pm

louis vuitton outletBefore the Israel Antiquities Authority is working with Google, is planning to join forces on the Internet to establish a "Dead Sea Scrolls" digital library, then readers around the world via the Internet free to watch all the "Dead Sea Scrolls."

louis vuitton outletAssociated Press October 19 reported that "the Dead Sea Scrolls," known as the 20th century's greatest archaeological discovery. Network version of "Dead Sea Scrolls" Digital Library has just presented a large number of high-resolution pictures, first photos will be expected within a few months on the line. Meanwhile, the "Dead Sea Scrolls," the original and the translation are rendered in front of the reader.

true religion outlet19 Israel Antiquities Authority officials said the open to the public through the "Dead Sea Scrolls," the copy version, you can more safely keep the original. Previously, only a few scholars have permission to read the "Dead Sea Scrolls," many experts have complained about unfair.

true religion outlet"Dead Sea Scrolls," is known as the twentieth century's greatest archaeological finds, the Dead Sea in 1947, living in a small village northwest of the children, in a cave near the Dead Sea scrolls were found in some of these scrolls is verified after are some of the text written by early Christian Hebraic Bible. These caves near the Dead Sea scrolls found in two thousand years ago, referred to as "the Dead Sea Scrolls" (in the broad sense, "Dead Sea Scrolls"), which is the study of the history of Christian literature.


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