The most unexpected means of escape: a man gas comparable to Europe and the United Cigar sharp brother

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The most unexpected means of escape: a man gas comparable to Europe and the United Cigar sharp brother

Post  cy7891 on Mon Oct 11, 2010 11:07 am

louis vuitton bags news,So in this world there is always some of Costa Rica had to red. October 8, Woods in the Ryder Cup on a magical photo only helped popularize the British "Daily Mail" the photographer, but also to the background of a "cigar man" has become Internet and media celebrities, he popular in Europe and America just as the country that year, "sharp brother" and "chubby."

louis vuitton bags,Ryder Cup four-ball for the first stage to the last hole, Woods did not deal with the third shot, the ball to the "Daily Mail" to hit a photographer Mark Penn, on the ball blow to the moment before the camera, Mark Penn's camera will record the pictures down. This photo has been magical enough, yet users to shift attention quickly turned to a man among the audience will ignore Woods and photographer Mark Penn. The man wearing a brown wig, fake beard stuck on his lips, a cigar dangling from his mouth, inserted his hands into the blue pants, looks like he is deliberately imitated player Miguel Angel Jimenez of Spain, as the latter love to the end of the game Diao on a cigar.

tiffany jewelry,"Cigar Man" in Europe and America quickly became popular on the network, if you enter in the search engine "TigerWoods" and "cigarguy", you'll soon be able to find pictures of him. Some users even for the "cigar man" has produced an album, put him among the many classic scenes. Current "cigar man," the true identity has not been determined, but it is certain that he went to watch the Ryder Cup Celtic Manor in Wales, there was no thought of such a result would, after all, where there are many fans wearing strange, However, other people did not have him a fire.


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