President of El Salvador began an official visit to Cuba three days the first visit 50 years

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President of El Salvador began an official visit to Cuba three days the first visit 50 years

Post  cy7891 on Wed Oct 06, 2010 12:18 pm

louis vuitton bags news) President of El Salvador Mauricio Funes 4, arrived in Havana, Cuba, began a 3-day official visit. This is the President of El Salvador's first visit to Cuba in 50 years.

Cuban President Raul Castro, the Council of State in the Palace of the Revolution held a ceremony to welcome the visit of Funes. Subsequently, the two leaders held official talks.

Funes said in the talks, Cuba has strong support in the history of the people of El Salvador's anti-imperialist, anti-dictatorship struggle, he do this to the Cuban Government and people express heartfelt gratitude. Raul said that the visit hope Funes can open a new chapter in bilateral relations.

During his stay in Cuba, Funes also visit Cuba for the third world countries, Latin America, free training medical doctors. It is reported that during the visit, the two countries will diplomatic, economic, educational and medical cooperation in the field a series of agreements signed.

Accompanied visit Funes in El Salvador more than 70 entrepreneurs, who will work with Cuban counterparts on food processing, pharmaceuticals, tourism management and other aspects of cooperation were discussed. As a left-wing political party Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front candidate Funes in El Salvador in March 2009 was elected president. In his June 1, 2009 sworn in the day, that announced the resumption of diplomatic relations with Cuba.
tiffany jewelry)After the victory of the Cuban revolution in 1959, the then Government of El Salvador who had worked for the U.S. blockade policy, broke off diplomatic relations with Cuba.


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