British 12-month record 227 "supernatural event" record over previous years

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British 12-month record 227 "supernatural event" record over previous years

Post  cy7891 on Tue Sep 28, 2010 11:37 am

louis vuitton bags news)27 published a study, the United Kingdom in the past 12 months, down a record-breaking total of 227 people shocked "supernatural event" (paranormal events).

gucci shoes news)Reported that the UK is unknown phenomenon over the past year surge in the number of events. The study is based on police reports and other official statistics came out, and by the Church of England clergy and "anomalies of the Science Research Council," President of the pastor (Rev Lionel Fanthorpe) compiled into a "weird side of science Report "(The Fringe Weird Report) was published.

Gucci flat shoes news) In 227 cases, "the supernatural events", the "ghost hit" event accounted for the majority. Followed witnessed the "UFO" (UFO). Next is to hear a strange sound and saw the phenomenon of fantasy on the road. In addition, the report also includes ghosts (poltergeists), crop circles and ghost of the legendary events such as a large black dog.

tiffany jewelry)In previous years, the British recorded "supernatural event" is about 140-180. However, this figure has been rising steadily in recent years. Pastor Fansuo Pu said: "The popularity of the phone and the network era of technology, information dissemination speed, of course faster, but the record-breaking figures, last year and this year's" supernatural event "number, there are higher than usual trend. "


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