The Russian former standard warrior unarmed rips open the rail

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The Russian former standard warrior unarmed rips open the rail

Post  cy7891 on Thu Aug 26, 2010 3:27 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :Russia, a mentally ill former cage fighter has hand tear the fence to escape

Mental hospital, wanted by the police.

coach outlet)The full name of cage fighting cage fighting, is an octagonal two opponents in the cage for fighting, the opponents hit

Throw in the towel or unable to fight back up to a fighting game.

33 year old The tile thanks the Slav to reach Tesco (Vyacheslav Datsik) was a cage fighter. But Is from 2001 to 2003, he on several occasions in the game because of excessive use of brutal violence against opponents has been canceled

The qualifications, the cause of his cage fighting and therefore the end.

In 2007, Vyacheslav arrested for a series of cell phone store robbery, but was diagnosed with mental illness

Disease and to escape the law. He was subsequently locked up in a high security level of a mental hospital.

ed hardy clothing)This year in July, Vyacheslav was transferred to St. Petersburg, a lower level of security mental hospital. August

21, the doctors were shocked to find a mental hospital chain fence was Vyacheslav hand torn a hole, and he

I was missing.

Police suspect the robbery is Vyacheslav have to restore the Bank. St. Petersburg, owner of a mobile phone shop

Recently reported that an abnormal burly man away from the store 22 rubles and a Nokia 7000 mobile phone, a

The clerk identified the robber is wanted by the police before the cage fighter.
( Editor:ed hardy sale)


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